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Greg "Zippy" Zipadelli

Greg ZipadelliGreg “Zippy” Zipadelli may be best known for his accomplishments in the world of NASCAR auto racing, Two NASCAR Sprint cup Championships in 2002 and 2005 and an impressive 33 total wins in the top echelon of NASCAR racing.

While Zipadelli plans to continue his career in racing, he has also decided to pursue another love, his love of the great outdoors. Zipadelli will join friend and fellow outdoorsman, Hal Shaffer, in the production of a new effort entitled Team drop Zone TV. As a father of three, Zipadelli looks forward to teaching his kids and watching them learn about the outdoors. “I am interested in educating children about the benefits and excitement found in the outdoors. From their first sunrise to the goose bumps that accompany and adventure‚Ķ That is what I want to be able to share.”

Drop Zone TV is just the medium to display the knowledge, commitment and desire to further educate and entertain everyone interested in this type of sportsmanship. Zipadelli’s passion and desire to excel at whatever he does is sure to be a catalyst to be recognized by all in the world of outdoor television.